Training for the Real World

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Below are listed the courses that we have available, extra details can be obtained by using the links that will take you back to Allens Training Website .

Our booking page will provide you with the dates and prices, if you do not see something listed or you want a quote for a group please use our contact page.
See below for our Express Qualification option for the main stream qualifications,
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Our Express Qualification Service allows recertification in a timely and efficient manner. No need to sit through an all day course if you are still current.
For Employers your staff are only away for a short time reducing your costs and lost efficiencies.
For the rest of us, time is a very precious commodity, so this system can reduce your time not working or being involved with family.

All certification meets the statutory requirements and in many ways, you will be better assessed than with a group of 30 other people. Our paramedic or nurse instructors will be able to give you one on one feedback,which is very hard to do in the big groups that some training providers run.

so a win win for all.

See our booking page for the next available express course.
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Our Express qualifications come with a number of conditions.

It is not meant for people who have not studied before or who do not hold a current certificate.
Only certificates of equivalence can be used for this method.

Failure to provide any of the following will see you moved from the class to a full session, no refunds.
You must of enrolled in the online course system before the class.
You must be able to provide a copy of a current certificate on the day that is in date.
You must be able to provide your USI number.
You must of completed the relevant on line workbook and brought proof to class.
You are required to complete the relevant written assessment and practical assessments.

if there are insufficient numbers you may be transferred to next available session, no refund.
Payment is required at time of booking, cancellations can be made up to 7 days in advance.
No refunds after this date.